Temple Run 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

Temple Run 2 came out at a time, quietly shot. The iPad Mini also looks so good in every aspect. While adding highly innovative features, the developer team has managed not to disrupt the essence of the game. In short, if you loved the first Temple Run, even if you played as addictive as everyone else playing, the second game can give you incredible hours.


  In the first game he left the place of a lot of smoother animations in the animated animations, the character designs also afford a little more aesthetic. Of course, the design of the space is less “pointed” also has an effect, all of the roads are not flat, there is a slope in most. Thus the dynamics of running afford quite fluent.

Basically with the same control mechanism as the first game, Temple Run 2 takes the chase from the sea level to the skies. This time we are running on the high roads from the ground and our lives are passing in front of our eyes when we fall. It is likely that the producer team will calculate the time of the fall and the impact on the ground, which we can revive when we die. A different system is used instead of the angel bonus in the first game: Green Gem.

These Green Gems, which we earn as we level up, and can buy with real money, are used to return both from death and to activate special bonuses. So with Temple Run 2, the micro-payment system is a little more prominent but more refined.

Going back to the dynamics of the game, this fluency shows itself quite successfully in the design of the department. The only thing we did in Temple Run 2 is not just run anymore; We are able to hold and release ropes between cliffs, enter the mines and proceed in the Hugo atmosphere in mine cars. Another thing added to the series with TR2 is our new enemy, our gorilla. As we used to, we don’t run out of three monkeys, we’re only dealing with a big gorilla.

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