Ferrari F60 America New Tab For Google Chrome

Ferrari gets us, man. They get America. They understand what we love: brazen speed, flash, success, putting the top down, and being awesome at everything. That’s why I love their new F60 America, a roofless version of the amazing F12 Berlinetta built to celebrate 60 years of the brand in North America.

The UK’s Autocar reports that it will be a very special Ferrari indeed. There will be just 10 of them built. Each is a dramatically revised version of the F12 with a new nose, wings, doors, a bespoke interior and a convertible top. And each will cost about $2.5 million to liberate you from your cash.
Power comes from the F12’s mighty 6.3-liter V12, which here pumps out 730 horsepower to the rear wheels. The zero to 60 mph time is around three seconds. That is not slow.

The car was unveiled last night at a posh exclusive dinner at the Beverly Hills City Hall (in Beverly Hills, even the city hall is for swanky galas.) The car’s color scheme is a salute to the North American Racing Team livery, and its 10-car production run mirror’s that of the old 1967 275 GTS4 NART Spider, which was also made just for America.

Sweet. I’m buying three of them.

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