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Simulation games, which appeal to a more niche audience than other types, can play for hours on-screen players when they are of good quality. ‘I’m going to play for half an hour.’ Even at the time you said, the simulation games you play on the morning show us how the game’s theme works in real life, and how challenging it is to run the system. The new game of the Farming

Simulator series, which has an important place among the simulation games and does not reduce the quality bar to a certain level in each game, has recently appeared in front of the players. You can become the emperor of the agricultural industry in the construction where we can observe the production of the most basic needs of mankind step by step. People need food, and money. For this reason, you need to be qualified as well as what you produce must be fast.

In the game that can be experienced on the PC platform, you are filled with peace of mind from the moment you sit on your seat. You do nothing other than stress, away from the stress you are experiencing in everyday life, leaving behind the elements that are annoying you in competitive games. The series, developed by Giants Software and distributed by Focus Home Interactive, was presented to the players one year later (Farming Simulator 18 was launched for mobile platforms). Farming Simulator, although it seems to be lost among the major AAA games in the years, high sales figures have a structure.

According to Farming Simulator 17, the new game is now the first innovation that graphics are better. In the game, which has more detailed designs, it is also better to see the introduction videos in the game which is more beautiful. When you take the first mission, the middle-sized trees standing on the grass, the sounds of the birds, the whistle of the wind and the barking dogs meet you. It would be a legendary game if you have brought virtual reality support to Farming Simulator 19 which can be played with the first person perspective camera.


When you enter the game you will see three game modes. You can choose New Farmer, Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes and start the game. However, although these modes give you the same mechanics of control, we will note that all three will push the players in different ways. In New Farmer mode, the game gives you the necessary equipment for farming and tells you how the game is. So in terms of difficulty this is the easiest mode.

In Farm Manager Mode, you start your career with a lot of money and try to grow your economy. The last mode, Start from Scratch, gives you a small amount of money and you are in a difficult economic situation. If you are not familiar with the series, let’s underline what you need to know and produce while playing this mode. Also, let’s not forget that the game has multiplayer mode and you can farm with your friends.

While such a game is perfect for really portable consoles, it may be more appropriate for those who already know the game to play. The game has a really wide fan segment. If you don’t belong to this section, you may need to spend a lot of time on the game. But in the learning stage, you are likely to find something to entertain yourself.

One of the most important points of this game is the new agriculture and animals coming in every new game. This time, players can choose to raise sunflowers and pigs. Although we don’t know why it is so late for a popular animal like ‘pigs’ to be used in ‘Farming’ games, it is now here! Luckily, the game gives us a big field to reap, and when we start the first game, it’s expandable when we get enough revenue. The game offers us a lot of options to grow your field and keep your animals and plants healthy.

As long as the equipment is available, we have a certain freedom in the game. We can make our farm the way we want, and spend our money the way we see fit. In the game there are more than 50 real brands real vehicles available, from tractors to build vehicles. Of course, so many tools, so much to be learned game content. So you can choose the one that suits you best and improve your gaming experience.

Unfortunately, in the game minus, in Farming Simulator 19, I have to mention that there is not much innovation compared to the previous game except graphics. Besides the number of vehicles, the season system is still not a major shortcoming. It is also a matter of repetition of the game after a certain place. Similarly, if we consider that this is a simulation of farming, there is a lack of different soil structures and inadequate soil processing methods.

At the end, if you like simulation games and are looking for a build that will literally blow your mind, you should try Farming Simulator 19. But if you’ve played the previous games and are looking for innovations that will surprise you in the new game, unfortunately Farming Simulator 19 will satisfy you.

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