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Human Fall FlatHouse flipping once upon a time was just something that people did to make money. It eventually evolved into something that became entertainment for people with a few television shows. But now it may have achieved its final form in video game format! Developed by Empyrean and published by PlayWay S.A. the game seeks to fill a void you might not even know you have. This is our House Flipper review.

It begins slowly: move into your small dirty building and clean it out while browsing on your laptop for various jobs that help you earn money. Clean up debris left behind by bad tenants, vacuum up roaches, put in heater units, paint walls and clean windows. All of this is just the beginning of your journey into what House Flipper has to offer. By taking jobs, you not only earn money to eventually purchase a broken-down property that eventually you will build into a dream home for someone to buy, but you also earn skill points to spend in the skill tree. The skills help in a great many ways, from increasing how much you make for completing everything on a job, to increase your speed while mopping or increasing the size of your paintbrush. These are important upgrades as often doing the mundane jobs necessary to make money can be time-consuming.

The gameplay is easy enough to understand, with controls that are intuitive and simple. Although the glass cleaning can be a pain with the small squeegee. The tasks start small with simple clean the floors and put in a radiator to increasingly harder things like breaking down walls and building new rooms. From there you can finally graduate into being an official House Flipper. While you could just go willy-nilly and refurbish the house as you see fit, if you stick to a particular style that certain buyers may want, it increases its sale value. Selling your first house nets you some good money which allows you to continue that cycle until eventually, you could be making your very own dream home and workplace. Having money helps in not only buying houses to flip, but also for buying goods from the marketplace. These range from floor tiles, to furniture, to paintings and various bits and sundry. There’s even the option of putting your own images in the game to be placed inside picture frames which you can then buy and place as you like.

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