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The NBA 2K series, which has entered an incredible upward trend since 2009, continues its unrivaled leadership against the NBA Live games. NBA 2K19 and NBA Live19 were the most popular games in the NBA 2K19. NBA 2K games, close to the simulation gameplay mechanics, are easy to control and have smooth animations. So how long will the NBA 2K continue this leadership, does this trend continue in the NBA 2K19? Being one of the leading companies of the sector in this sense, 2K, who has caught himself the most fiery way with the micro payment madness, does he design the game from the beginning according to micro payments? What are the changes in gameplay mechanics? NBA 2K19 is a game with pros and cons?

For NBA 2K games, I think it won’t be wrong to say the best reflecting video games to enjoy basketball. So many NBA players prefer NBA 2K. In fact, the number of NBA stars participating in online matches is not at all low, creating their own characters and playing the game’s career mode. The most important reason why Super Stars prefer NBA 2K games is that NBA 2K games can simulate real basketball dynamics in a realistic way.

We can say that the NBA 2K19 also maintains this high level. There are even significant improvements in some issues. I can say that we are faced with the most u in game of artificial intelligence and defense. Developers will have shown a little more weight on the issue of defense, the attack on the side of the new dynamic, although not very new animations on the side of the defense stand out. First of all, let me get a quick man, I don’t have to go past the defender. If you break the balance of your defender, which is no longer easy, then you can drive in, or the artificial intelligence that applies the slip step quite well, almost adheres to your collar like a leech. To overcome this crazy defense, you need to put your opponent on the curtains and turn to a more collective game. In this respect, the most compelling game of the series was the NBA 2K19.

In NBA 2K19, there is not much change in smash mechanics, the smash sensation is almost the same, a change, and now the smash bar appears when the tourniquet turns. We can customize this shooting bar if we want, we can change the color of our player can take the foot level. With the new animations, the NBA 2K19 feels smoother, controls and gameplay feel more comfortable. When you check a player, you say yes I control this guy. When you control another Curry in the Super Stars NBA 2K19 with the ball shapes, joys tattoos, ball controls, and play styles, Curry becomes Lebron while controlling Lebron. The NBA 2K19 has done a pretty good job at this point.

2K, who is an expert in putting the player into a basketball environment, continued this line in NBA 2K19. Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith watch the Pre-Game Show with their fun presentations. The dynamic atmosphere of the hall where the match atmosphere is played, you will start the match. 2K has done a good job with NBA 2K19 on graphics and player faces. Salon Atmosphere, sound effects at the time of the match, increased intense cheering and realistic sounds with player faces, tattoos, and realistic facial movements again is enormous.

Basketball games on the side of the nearest basketball games made 2K perfect. Especially the NBA 2K9, NBA 2K10 and NBA 2K16 are among the favorite productions of the fans of the series. 2K, NBA 2K17 step-by-step micro-payment methods into the game by assembling the game’s most played mode MyCareer was almost a share to win type. Pay and win with the NBA 2K18 has become the game’s main dynamics. In My Career mode, where we make our own character and enter online matches, the virtual currency VC, which we need to develop the character, is sold in real money, and the game’s balances are overturned. Players who bought real money and bought VC started to move 5 or 10 steps ahead of other players.

¬†Although this situation is filled with 2K’s case, many players are not satisfied with this situation. In particular, the banning of micro payments in Belgium and the Netherlands affected 2K. 2K apologized to the players, stating that some of the contents of the NBA 2K19 will not be available in the Belgian version of the game. The players’ reaction and the strict rules of the Belgian government were supposed to allow 2K to think about micro payments. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick made statements stating that they were trying to make a fairer game this year. So how much of this happened to the NBA 2K19?

NBA 2K19’s most played game mode, My Career; we start by creating our own character again. Using the smartphone app MY NBA 2k19, we can add our face to the game. However, we can say that 2K has gone bad on this issue. In previous games of the series, you can personalize your character by scanning your face. You could choose the jaw structure. Thus, you could create a character that is very similar to yourself. However, the NBA 2k19 has almost no customization options. You can’t even pick your nose. For a person like me who carries his Black Sea identity on his nose, this is a big minus! Unfortunately the result you get from the application is quite bad compared to the old games. As in previous games, in the games we enter in My career mode, according to the performance we get, we get a team note. In addition to this team score, our number of fans is increasing according to our performance.

¬†Support for fans in the NBA 2K19 is critical. Because the more supporters you follow, the more your level of awareness and your brand value is increasing. As your brand value increases, you are interested in large companies that sell sports products and receive sponsorship offers. You are developing your character using in-game money from these sponsorships. We can say that 2K’s hand is open.

According to NBA 2K17 and NBA 2K18, the NBA 2K19 has a lot more VC. This enables us to compete with the players who purchase VC in developing our character. We’re a little more comfortable with the VC on the NBA 2K19. However, we do not experience the same comfort in terms of team grade. Increasing our team score in NBA 2K19 is more difficult than other games in the series. For example, when you make a pass or a ball loss, a positive move will help you as well as a falling note, or a good defense will make your score weaker. While your level is low, as in the old games, finishing in A + levels are quite difficult compared to other games in the NBA 2K19. This affects both the VC you will win at the end of the match and the number of your followers. Of course this is true for low-level characters. As your character evolves, you don’t have much difficulty in raising your note as you start to dominate the parks, play like a superstar.

The gameplay of the NBA 2K19 is called basketball lovers, with its play mechanics, graphics and the joy of basketball. However, the fact that 2K tries to design MY Career mode to fit micro payments is not a detail that can be overlooked. You feel this design in the game MY Career mode. NBA 2K19, ‘You need to get a VC to compete with others. If you do not want to get a lot of work, you must play too.

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