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Before starting the World of Warcraft (WoW) game, you need to understand the basics of the genre. MMORPG,  Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game; It is a kind of game where countless players come together on the world, they perform tasks together with their unique breeds, classes and abilities, they choose certain professions and make craftsmanship, in short, they live in an alternative world created on the computer.

The examples of this type of game that I’m paying are not as easy as it seems. Because in order for these environments where numerous players come together, there must be strong game servers and their maintenance should be done regularly. Since this situation is a necessity that everyone cannot get over it, many producers are afraid to enter this type of adventure. MMORPG game makers demand money from their users on a regular basis and work with the membership system. Of course, people have to trust this game, or rather the producer, that they will give money regularly, and they should think that the game is playable for a long time and make sure that they will not have problems.

Ever since it was announced in 2001, WoW has been eagerly and eagerly awaited by many to be blindfolded by the fact that its producer was Blizzard. If I play because Blizzard made to the language of the proverb, earth-shattering with every game they did, Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft game winning this respect will be heard in our world, so its producer company reputation, which gave honor and glory; even if they broadcast additional packages, they couldn’t help themselves by breaking sales records and drowning in prizes. When they announced that they had previously been nominated for MMORPG in which they had no experience, everyone looked at Blizzard with suspicion. In fact, this doubt was not that Blizzard could not get up to the point, but, as in Diablo, he was able to overlook the role of the MMORPG, the role of the MMORPG, by ignoring the RPG system and overly embracing the logic of killing.


The result was exactly as expected. Blizzard had once again launched a game that would do what people promised, and put them into real life, just like all other MMORPGs. The WoW storm hit America first, and many people began to cross the lands of Azeroth. Now it’s our turn.

The important thing to know about the game and perhaps the most important; the game requires a lot more time than your prediction. Especially for beginners, the first week will be a harbinger of literal sleepless nights. The desire to play more in the learning circuit may cause you to eat, sleep, and sacrifice from school. Therefore, WoWamu must not play until the patient, elderly, pregnant and cardiac patients prepared for OSS, who are in critical condition at the university, at least secure themselves.

Joking aside, playing a MORPG has a certain systematics. In other words, how a person prepares his / her daily lesson program consisting of specific hours; You need to prepare such a program while playing WoW. When you come home, you can go to your work, eat your food after you eat your tea and you continue to play where you left off. After all, this is a very long game. You are not expected to do important things in a short time. For a long time to enjoy the purpose and enjoy being together with your friends.

We need to create an account immediately after the installation of 4 CDs. Once we have filled in the required information on the Blizzard Europe site that we will automatically connect to on the Internet, we activate our account after entering our Credit Card information. He’s coming in to play our game. After double-clicking on the WoW icon, we’re watching another of Blizzard’s famous shows. Again, we want to enter the game with the ambition of the intro to be taught in the game videos, but there are important decisions to be made. The main menu of our game is incredibly simple. Only the login screen stops. After entering our account information, we choose the realm we want to join. The players on each realm are different. So if you want to play the game with a certain group of friends you need to be in the same real world to find each other. (A small note: most of the Turkish players are in Burning Legion realm.)

After making your choice, we make the most important decision of the game; our character. In creating your character in the game, we first need to choose sides. Both the Alliance and the Horde names are separated by these races. Again each race has its own classes. Detailed description of each race will be described in the following pages of the article, we will be short. The following table lists the classes that race can choose.


After creating our character, we take our first step to an endless adventure. Depending on the race of the character we create, our starting point is changing. For example, the dwarves start the game at Dwarf Iron force and the Orcs are starting to play in Orgrimmar. If you’ve had MMORPG experience before, you’ll discover the ease of freedom at the beginning of the 3rd dimension and the ease with which you can easily get familiar with the environment and first tasks. If we examine the interface a little; we see 10 slots in the lower section. We can think of them as shortcut keys. Thanks to these slots, we can pass a single key to another weapon, and we can make a few spells in series.

 We can switch to another slot combination with the arrow keys next to the slots. Let me briefly explain the advantage of this. Let’s say you have a warrior character. You are defending defensive and offensive spells in your main slot group. During the battle, you are both fighting and magic with these shortcut keys. When you go back to the village and do our professional work, you can go to the other slot group and you can see your work without wasting any time.

We can follow the chat screen with the other sections in the interface and we can enter into various interactions with other players like The Sims games. Like sending kisses, dancing or gesturing. With the interface options of our character, we can easily follow all the skills distribution and professional skills. In addition, thanks to the slots in the lower right corner, we can buy 4 pieces of extra backpacks that we will buy on the road or buy with the money out of our backpack.

When it comes to the war system, its simplicity is immediately noticeable. We can consider the battle system as a successful mix of MMORPG games and 3rd person looking action games. If our character is a close combat fighter; right-click the enemy we see on the road to war position. Then either we are waiting for the enemy to come or we are going to go and fight. The most important thing we need to know in close combat is that our faces are constantly facing enemies. Otherwise our strokes are wasted. This is not the case. It’s enough to shoot and shoot. As a result, Wow’s battle system is quite successful and extremely easy to use.

For beginners, there is a general tutorial mode for MMORPG. With these little tips to show you how to use the keys on the interface and how to dial into people, we immediately examine the surrounding NPCs (computer-controlled, characters that you need to talk about for tasks or shopping). Since we are a very confident warrior, even the first creatures we encounter will shake us. Even if we are hugged by more than one creature, we can die immediately. Therefore, the first thing we have to do is to perform the simple tasks that the NPCs will give us and try to climb up to the upper levels as soon as possible.

As you will notice as you play, we are gaining more experience in the tasks between NPCs, rather than killing the creatures that come against you. For example, at the beginning of the game between 20 to 30 experience between the creatures that we do a simple task with 750 experience points can receive. So much so that we can jump with two tasks immediately. Of course, this is the beginning of the game. When we are level 10 and above, leveling is not a task. You must perform at least 5-6 tasks (while a task lasts 15 minutes, while another task can find hours), and you must also interrupt creatures that are on your way. In short, the course of the game is based on more tasks. The experiences you have gained while killing the enemies you encounter are simple.

The function of the task system is simple. You’ll see characters with a yellow exclamation mark on their head when you come to a new place or just start a game. These characters are waiting to give us the task. We take the task by talking to them and writing what we do to our diary. We also learn where we need to go and what we need to find. For example, the task is to kill 10 of a particular creature; the number is shown on the screen each time we are finished, and we need to go back to the person we take the task. When we reach NPC, there is a question mark in his head. That means we need to talk once to complete the mission. When we speak, we get the task completed and experience. Sometimes we can capture chains that work together with each other, and we do the same thing. Although it seems boring, for people who take many tasks at the same time with a tiny business map in their minds, they are the ideal tasks for leveling up without ever hassling enemies.

As with all MMORPG games, WoW has a lot of way to earn money. WoW uses copper, silver and gold coins in the world. 100% of the copper coin we encountered most is silver and 100 silver is gold. We are very optimistic if we try to collect money only from the creatures. The best way to make money is through professions. Professions are divided into two parts as primary and secondary.

The point to be taken into consideration in the professional selection is no doubt to determine the most appropriate for your character. For example, if you are managing a paladin; If you collect the mine with mining and process them with blacksmith and improve yourself in this profession; At the end you can produce valuable armor, weapons. You can sell them at good prices as you can use them yourself. The same applies to other professions. What is already required in each profession must be collected first and then determined. You choose the one you want.

The rule of occupation, as in every MMORPG game, is to find the hand of the NPCs. First we talk to this NPC and start to practice the profession. First of all, we have two types of prescriptions and we are improving our professional skills by doing so. When we reach a certain level and when we reach the required level, we go to the same educator and get a higher level education. So you can get better recipes and get better products. As we produce better products, the money we receive will increase.

The quality of the game, Blizzard, again, as always, without compromising on the quality and the exact opposite of what is expected to offer a construction. Especially for beginners, easy to understand gameplay with all the MMORPG games, plus the pros and cons they have done a great job. In fact, there are not a lot of important, revolutionary innovations added to the game world, especially the MMORPG world, but WoW is the perfect game from an atmospheric standpoint. What can the people at Stormwind do at the moment? it’s a game.

World of Warcraft is one of the most successful examples of high quality MMORPGs we have starved for a long time. Because it is MMORPG, it doesn’t look like it’s going to end. When you play WoW, you will learn something new every day and discover new things. It is clear that both the atmosphere and the lands that it is passing through have brought the world of Warcraft to a lot of attention. I would definitely recommend the game to everyone who fears not only MMORPG lovers, but who wants to start with this genre.

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