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Touching the darkness … Ending everything … forever … Touching the darkness … Touching the darkness…

It was all that. Years later, I feel like a pawn running through a big game. All the decisions I have made so far have brought us all to this point. While we are continuing our existence in millions of worlds, one has finally touched the darkness. I don’t know if the bitter part of the matter is the darkness or the enemy. I just don’t want to say “bad.” In fact, when Pygmy had found the dark spirit, we had to guess again that everything would turn to him.

Once the souls of the four non-dead lords were taken and they made their choice, we would still be drawn here, in the temple where everyone was connected. Because as long as the cycle was not really “broken”, it would still be the same. Thousands of years had not been enough … The cycle would continue even if there was no insane mind in the world.

Dark Souls III is the story of an end. A last hello to Miyazaki and his team and the last game of this beautiful series. At some points, the heavy Dark Souls have to make the decisions that will not satisfy their players, but they must give their rights. These men started a tradition with Demon’s Souls many years ago, and the size of their work came to the point where we were. If you’re acquainted with Bloodborne from the Software games, it’s hard to understand what I’m saying, but it’s not going to be difficult to notice the point, especially if you’ve met the team with the first Dark Souls. The first two games have played; memorized ones are waiting for incredible things.

And now it’s time to break the loop…

It doesn’t mean that those who haven’t played the series before will never see amazing things. I’m just talking about the story and the broad lore of the game. Miyazaki, prepared such stories and such opposite corners for the Dark Souls players that, if you are very familiar with the world, it can leave you in a moment of shock.

To sum up, From Software addresses two different types of players in different ways. The new Dark Souls are all about the gamers and the stories for the old ones. I cannot say in terms of gameplay because there is not much left to try From Software. Yes, they can present different ideas and gameplay models within a new concept (e.g. Bloodborne), but you don’t notice any change in the game’s Dark Souls except when the game accelerates and some motion sets change. The change lies in the story and its narration, and the first-person gamers are grabbing those awesome details instantly.

f we need to return to Dark Souls II without distracting the issue, there is no serious link between the second and the third game. Even though he was involved in the main lore, Miyazaki’s aim is to precisely link the first game with Dark Souls III. I have not played the game day and night, the forum and wiki pages as crazy as I cannot catch a reference to the second game so far.

The story is set in a colossal space called Lothric. The Lords of Cinder, the Lords of the Corpses, have abandoned their throne. Lords of Cinder when I say the first game players must have lifted an eyebrow … The reason is very simple, because the first boss of the first game and the man who started everything Gywn, the first fire, did not extinguish the Lord of the blaze after he sacrificed himself. Because they abandoned their throne, the first fire was once again in danger and once again the business fell to us. We must find the lords who abandon their throne and bring them back. Of course I won’t go any further as the story progresses in parallel with the first game. Let me just give a small, tiny hint: 4 throne empty.


In fact, I didn’t want to talk about the story that long, but I was very happy with the progress of From Software. Bloodborne was the software from all angles and the most beautiful way of communicating the lore. This technique of expression makes the company very special. They tell stories that rely on the player’s imagination, the ability to bring connections together, and all you have to do is to belong to that world in order to understand these stories. You have to spend enough time, research and carefully combine the pieces that make up the story. Although Miyazaki knowingly leaves some pieces missing. To explain, the story of Dark Souls III consists of a 1000-piece puzzle. Over time, you are beginning to replace the pieces. When you get all the parts you’ve got, you see that some of them are missing. Here at that point, your grip skills and imagination remain.

Do not forget what I say, even note down. Because From Software will give you so many moments that you will be completely in love with the story of Dark Souls III. On the screen you will live in the jurisdiction will connect you more to the world. These jurisdictions are not so cinematic. If you have not finished before, and if you have the opportunity to play the Dark Soul first, I say, this feeling does not put you in the eye, you live by yourself.


Gameplay is not very different from the first two games. Dark Souls III is neither as cumbersome as the first game nor as fast as the previous game Bloodborne. If I have to make a full recipe, I can call the Dark Souls II cool. There is no change in terms of the main character mechanics. In the case of animations, the kick-off of the first game was the kick-back move (in the second game we were hitting the gun with the gun at the front), and the back stab was back again.

Of course, the effect of animation changes when everything changes. If you can think quickly, you can react very easily. You can avoid your enemies very quickly or compress them. Since the same thing applies to your enemies, From Software has always taken it from one place to another and has given it to another.

As before, Estus Flask is our main resource. In the second game, there were many non-Estus health resources, which were highly criticized by the in-house Dark Souls players. This time we have to trust Estus and develop him as much as we can, except for the extremely rare blessed water we’ll find or buy. For those who do not know, we can fill our lives very quickly thanks to Estus Flask. This fire-fed liquid does not fill up unless we reach the registration point “Bonfire”. So the more we increase the capacity of this bottle, the better.

The capacity of the Dark Souls III doesn’t have any limits. In other words, we can carry more than 10 Estus at the same time. If we want, we never do. Don’t’ say “Would that be?” it’s happening. Dark Souls III adds a new power bar to the game. His name is Focus Bar. Thanks to this bar, which we can translate as focus, we are able to make our magic and use the properties of our weapons.

We spend a certain amount of FP (Focus Point) when we do magic and use the special movements of the weapons. This bar does not fill itself except for certain supports. We have to either drink Blue Estus or sit on the Bonfire. Certain items in the game, in special cases, this bar allows renewal, but never as effective as the Blue Estus. So when we go to the blacksmith we need to share the bottles neatly. If you are interested in the use of magic, you should buy a lot of Blue Estus. Because the spells are now being cast over the figure, not through the FP. Well, this also means less transporting the Yellow Estus.

‘’You will die repeatedly, till you learn.’’

Of course, our greatest livelihood in the game is our precious souls. They’re our hands on the game, our eyes, and our ears. When we die as in every Souls game, we drop them all down and give us just an extra right. Either we take those spirits back, or we die and we lose them all. At the beginning of the game, the amount of soul is not very low, but the number of souls we carry on us as we increase our tension is rising. This is the feeling of tension that the Dark Souls have already done. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the next corner, and losing precious spirits used in almost anything – from leveling up to buying goods – can turn us back hours ago. In Dark Soul III, it is not possible not to feel the pressure if you think that everything you can get to the target is the threats that are planned to kill you.

One way to save the soul is the ring we call Ring of Sacrifice in a limited number of games. When you wear this ring and die, the ring breaks and fades, but you don’t lose your souls. I remind you that they are limited in the game, except for emergency situations.

You’re going to die … It’s not a secret, it’s nothing to hide. No matter how much you pay attention, you’re going to die. You’re going to die repeatedly until you learn. Every soul you lose will make you angry, angry, and sometimes despairing. Those who have not played the series before will enter the menus and check if there are any difficulty settings. In fact, they will die even when they try it, because they won’t know that the game never stops before you leave. If you start to taste the game until now you will not have to talk. This process will continue until you get through the fog and get the boss who has become your troubled boss. Because of the Dark Souls own story, we also have a great loop for the players.

‘’The game is very friendly!” Don’t think like. The bosses are unfair and horrifying enough to make you desperate again. Dark Souls III has 19 bosses and you must pass some of them to move in the game, but you can finish the game without seeing some of them. Some of them cause incredibly great scenes, and some of you may be very disappointed. Especially the Abyss Watcher, the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, the Nameless King battles are quite popular. The Yorm the Giant fight freaked me out for a while, but when I solved the original, I appreciated From Software once more. But I’m not sure that there are too many bosses in the game. What I’m talking about here is definitely not a challenge. After the grandiose and sensible (Sif) boss fights of the first game, one wants to see more. Yet, like in the Dark Souls II, “You’ve passed the Dragonrider? Get you two Dragonrider ha-ha!” There are no unnecessary boss battles. They are all carefully selected, all exclusive. I think the game is coming back as a boss, just like a top secret boss.

As a result, Dark Souls III was a great continuation game that gave the expected and ended the trilogy. Miyazaki and his team, despite all the pressure and responsibility on the old players as well as the new Dark Souls players in the game prepared to take plenty of detail has prepared. Dark Souls III, with its amazing story and ingeniously designed nested map layout, puts the series in an unforgettable final. In fact, with every boss you kill, you realize that this beautiful series will come to an end. Although the difficulty of the eye is scared Dark Souls III “I’m a player!” a masterpiece that everyone should say at least once.

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