Ferrari New Tab For Google Chrome

f you’re driving one you’re the envy of the road. If you’re not, then you’re the person envying the person who is. The Ferrari is without any doubt one of the most glamorous vehicles on the road in most areas. In some it might seem overdone simply because too many people have too much bloody money. But let’s get back to the article, a Ferrari is an impressive machine and seems to glide down the road when it’s in motion. For reason alone it seems more than reasonable to put it into one film after another in its various different forms.

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2 thoughts on “Ferrari New Tab For Google Chrome

  1. Het fantastisch dat ik dat kan presenteren.
    Ik zou dat namens Google/incl. ook graag in het werkelijke leven willen presenteren.
    Bijvoorbeeld bedankt voor het cadeau.

    Groetjes Fransjan.

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