Hello Neighbor New Tab For Google Chrome

That’s a shame, because the premise is promising enough. It’s like a suburban take on Rear Window set in the world of Psychonauts’ Milkman Conspiracy. Empty, twisted cookie-cutter houses embody a cartoonish paranoia. The player character, a young boy presumably native to the breezy street where the game takes place, sees something he shouldn’t. His titular neighbor has shoved a shrieking somebody (or something) into his basement. It’s your job to learn who or what.

All of this is implied through imagery. It has to be, since there isn’t really any dialogue in Hello Neighbor. There’s also no tutorial or anything like a basic breakdown of the controls, either. That quickly becomes a problem as you realize nothing works as it should, from avoiding your pursuer to stacking crates to sneak in through windows.

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      We have stated where to get the game on comments, please, check the comments section to find where to download the game.

  1. DEAR,ADMIN i really need your help too let me know how to get the game hell nieghbour because my freinds have done vlogs and they said to me to jion them and play it and create a vlog on my youtube channel okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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