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Happy Wheels is made up of levels that are generally below the inclusive sections. Although each of the container sections has been crafted in a separate theme, it should be noted that not all of these chapters are yet accessible. While Happy Wheels reminds us of endless running games, endless running is done by wheeled vehicles this time.

happy wheels

A ”white-collar“ on a two-wheeled vehicle, also known as the “Ginger“, the hero of the first episode of Happy Wheels. At first glance, the ultimate goal is to bring the main hero to work, but after a while it is understood that each level has a specific goal.

The controls on Happy Wheels are carried out via the virtual keys placed on the top of the screen. At the beginning of the game, the key to which players should be pressed is shown to the players. The levels of Happy Wheels are no flat feet. Players are not constantly moving in a straight line. Sometimes you have to jump back and sometimes back.

It would be incomplete to evaluate the obstacles in Happy Wheels only in the “physical “dimension. Players need to protect themselves from the cars falling from the sky, from the arrows, and from the exploding mines. In the meantime, bloody images can emerge; our white-collar hero can try to continue on the road with his arms or feet severed. Therefore, it is necessary to be a little cautious about playing Happy Wheels for children. There are no time constraints to overcome all these obstacles and reach the final point.

After completing the section, users can re-track how they have passed the level. During this playback, it is also possible to take a screenshot and share it in different channels.

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